Money Making Idea that doesn’t require any capital to start!


 Making money, especially when you haven’t got any capital is part ‘art’ and part ‘science’. What you have to do is offer personal services, do labour intensive tasks and sell yourself. Necessity is truly the mother of invention! There are many money making ideas around, but here’s a start…

 A great money making idea is to start your own escort service! Are you someone who likes to socialise and has free times in the evenings, has good social skills and you know how to put people at ease? Are you willing to work unsociable hours? Then here’s a great money making idea that will put your interpersonal skills to great use. This term is still used as a euphemism for call-girl businesses, but there are actually some very practical reasons why escorts, male and female, are in demand. There are now an increasing number of women in business and the professions. When required to attend formal occasions and corporate dinners where convention expects them to bring a partner, they may require a presentable male to fulfil this role for the evening.

Usually no pretence is required, just the ability to wear a dinner suit, eat a meal and make pleasant small talk for a couple of hours. Oh, and accept an agreed fee for your efforts. Nice work if you can get it, and what are great money making idea! It is still likewise assumed that professional men will attend such events with a female companion. For obvious reasons a lot of actors and actresses make a good part-time income from legitimate escort work. But you don’t have to be especially sophisticated in any way, just prepared to look and act the part, blend in and make up the numbers. If you’re a reasonable dancer this might be a fact worth advertising. Whether male or female be prepared for occasional sexual overtures and risqué invitations, and whatever your feelings in the matter, take care how you deal with them. You can either register with an agency for this sort of work, or advertise yourself. An even better money making idea is to start your own agency.

If you want other money making ideas that require no capital outlay, but just your energy and labour, try some of the following…The best money making ideas are those you can get passionate about. What turns you on?  Carpentry, cleaning cars, window cleaning, mowing lawns and gardening, home and office cleaning, dog walking, odd jobs, virtual assistant. The key is to get creative and use your imagination!

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The quality of your information is second to none.

I will be back again soon

Mark McCulloch


Hi – very good website you have made. I enjoyed reading this posting. I did want to issue a remark to tell you that the design of this site is very aesthetically pleasing. I used to be a graphic designer, now I am a copy editor in chief for a marketing firm. I have always enjoyed playing with computers and am attempting to learn computer code in my free time (which there is never enough of lol).

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