Nish Called!


I had strange message relayed to me the other day, “Nish Called.” Now to most people that wouldn’t mean anything but my mind raced back thirty five years when I had my chain of motorcycle shops in London.

I was a young man of 25 and I had a very young lad working for me. His name was Richard Cash. Day one he acquired the nickname ‘Nish’ and it stuck. ‘Nish’ would sweep out the shops, polish bikes, run errands. Did what ever it took to make the shops run smoothly. He mucked in.

At that time we imported Voskhod and Ural motorcycles from Russia and sold hundreds of them – very cheaply. They used to come in huge wooden crates and we quickly fashioned them into a huge space ship that was going to be a central plank of one of our publicity stunts. We never got far. ‘Nish and a lad called Simon drove of a super fast Triumph to collect some tools from another of my shops and had an unfortunate high speed crash. The glass fibre fuel tank exploded and ‘Nish’ nearly lost his life. He was severely burned and stayed in hospital for months. Needless to say, the space rocket was decommissioned!

Fast forward thirty five years and social networking and the Internet and ‘Nish’ has tracked me down. Great to talk to him and of course tell him the current plans for publicity stunts we have lined for the launch of The Eureka! Enigma. We chatted for about three hours, like thirty-five years was thirty-five minutes. I can’t help thinking he’ll be joining us for fun and revelry in the very near future!

Early tomorrow morning I’m off to Bulgaria, which is a delightful country. I have been visualizing this trip for some months. I’ll be there three days. The workshop will take one day. I am absolutely sure we’ll be creating major waves and have long term goals and plans for The Ultimate Mind Power Workshop in Bulgaria. Dimitar Tashkov, who I have established a real bond with over the Internet, believes the same thing! I can’t wait to meet him!

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