Sure fire ways to make Extra Income!


What are you good at what do you love to do? If you know the answer then you are guaranteed a sure fire way to earn an extra income and if you have steady job you don’t need to give it up.

 Can you put on a hat that says you’re an expert in Mergers and Acquisitions, strategic alliances, consolidation, customer relations, human relations, cross border trading, effecting a massive increase in sales, new cost effective marketing methods, CRM, efficient reporting procedures, fighting off advances from unwanted predators, disposals, ring fencing or bullet proofing companies?

 Do you have a bent toward corporate or entrepreneurial cultures? Do have a flair for IT or sales and marketing. What problems have you solved in the past for yourself, friend or a company that gave you a big buzz? Can you create the same results again, and this time get generate extra income?

 Do you have skills and experience in the mailroom or in mail order? Can you get excited about solving problems to do with fraud, security and theft? Can you add some business experience with some knowledge gained on various hobbies, along with some passion and enthusiasm and other things you are willing to learn? Can you make a list of the things that make you unique, skilful, user friendly? What are the things that set you apart? When do you come into your own? When can you operate with decision and verve? When do you get in the zone? What ideas have you had in the past that may generate extra income, but you have pushed aside.

 When you’ve answered these questions you will have the blueprint for sure fire ways to make extra income. Offer your services as a consultant.

 There will be plenty of other things that you will need to do before you can begin to earn that extra income. However, answering those questions will help you to identify your areas of specialism. And your specialist knowledge is what people will pay for your ability to act as an outsider who listens and can come up with solutions to problems.

 Here are ten more great ideas that may trigger something deep in your mind to help you earn extra income:

 #1 Earn extra income by becoming a business consultant. This is a multi-billon dollar industry and there is massive demand for consultants. More and more firms are turning to outside help and to outsource various and numerous services.

#2 Earn extra income by becoming a life coach. There have many thousands of column inches written and huge adverting campaign costing millions of dollar promoting life coaches. All the hard and expensive work has been done for you. What you need to do is start to help a few clients by holding their hands and assisting them in accomplishing their goals.

#3 Earn extra income by a sales trainer. By becoming a roving sales trainer you can travel the country, even the world, and earn huge fees by teaching people how to sell and how to increase sales.

#4 Earn extra income by becoming a workshop or seminar leader. If you like the idea of getting up on stage you can create your own workshop of become a valuable asset to someone  who has a promotions company and needs speakers.

#5 Earn extra income by becoming a public speaker. There are many speaker bureaus crying out for good after dinner speakers. If you can entertain for 60 or 90 minutes you’ll be surprised as to how much extra income you can earn.

#6 Earn extra income by becoming a tele-sales person or tele-sales trainer. Extra income is to be earned both ways but it all depends on individual preferences. Some like to work at the coal face selling life insurance, or shares or time-share whlst other like teach others how to do it. Either way you make you oodles of extra income.

#7 Earn extra income by teaching people marketing skills. There is so much to marketing, creating branding, and packaging and coming up with killer products and killer brands. If you have a creative bent you may very well be able to stimulate minds and give people enough options so they can make their products fly.

#8 Earn extra income by teach Internet marketing. This is the consultancy of the future and it is already in great demand demand. If you are computer literate and have picked up how to drive traffic to websites and sell online, these are extremely valuable tools you can teach.

#9 Earn extra income by teaching copywriting skills. This is a course that you may very well sell vie mail order or over the Internet. Failing that give workshops or go around to companies that wish to increase their sales…and which one’s don’t!

#10 Earn extra income by programming your mind with all the above ideas and then adding a few of your own. By doing this you will start to develop money consciousness and your biocomputer will start to delivering up astounding Eurekas! and money making ideas.

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