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You probably realize that I have taken great pains to explain things in great detail to give you a good background into biocomputers and their programs. The reason why I have done so is simple. What I am about to reveal to you is what I would call the’ secret of success’. However, it would have been no good to you knowing the ‘secret of success’ if you didn’t know how the biocomputer works. The greatest ‘secret of success’ is this: The human biocomputer cannot tell the difference between a real experience and a vividly imagined experience! The implications of that statement are vast. The implications are awesome. This one secret, if you use it, will take you to your goals in the shortest space of time. This was the turning point of my life. Let it be the turning point of yours!

What it means, in simple terms, is that we can insert any programs we like into our biocomputers simply by vividly imagining whatever it is that we want to achieve, or what we want to become. Not only can we reprogram our biocomputers like this, but it is absolutely essential that we do. It is relatively easy to see that a downhill skier or racing car driver has to have the program in his biocomputer before the event takes place.

The downhill skier will learn gradually on practice runs before he goes in for a major event. When he does go in for a major event he does not think about what he has to do in order to win. He just ski’s! In actual fact, if he starts to think consciously about what he is doing, that is just about the time when he’s most likely to have an accident and break a leg.

The racing car driver is the same. He learns the skills of the sport in slower autos and on slower tracks. Only when he has a complete program in his biocomputer does he take on the fast autos and the fast tracks. Again, he has the program deeply embedded in the electro-chemicals of his biocomputer program. He runs on that track automatically on race day. If he slips into thinking mode, that is just about the time he is likely to have an accident, spin off, kill himself, or worse, kill someone else.

From the foregoing, I hope to illustrate how important it is for the salesman or businessman to have a complete program in his biocomputer before the event, sale or deal takes place. It took me many years to realize just how important it was to visualize being a millionaire, closing deals, making money, ‘seeing’ myself as a success. Of course, I had read about visualization in all the books and even in the Bible it says “Through lack of vision my people perish,” however no one took the time out to explain why we must visualize our goals before they happen.

Napoleon visualized battle fields and battles before he ever saw a battlefield in real life. By visualizing, he put a program into his biocomputer and that became the track that he ran on in his real life. Aristotle Onassis, one of my heroes, before he used to enter into any business deal, he used to play what he would call ‘war games’. He used to have all his functionaries sit around a table. He used to set the scene as though these were the people he would be doing a real deal with. He then used to go over the deal in great detail, over all the objections and why the deal couldn’t be done this way or that. What the price would be, what would be the best scenario and what would be the worst scenario.

He would go over every aspect of the deal, sometimes playing his ‘war games’ for twelve hours at a stretch. Then he would reverse the roles of the functionaries and get them to act out different parts to see if different objections may come up. Of course what Onassis was doing was putting programs into his biocomputer and this would be the track that he would run on when the real deal was taking place.

The human biocomputer cannot tell the difference between a real experience and a vividly imagined experience. Therefore you must vividly imagine the future as you desire it in order to insert the program into your biocomputer. The way to do this is by visualizing intently the things you want to happen for yourself. If role playing and war games help you create the correct programs in your biocomputer and give you a correct track to run upon, use them for all you’re worth.

I recall back in 1980, when a number of Americans were taken hostage in Iran. Many of them were captive for a number of months and quite a few of those captives taught themselves how to type by making up a cardboard mock-up of a typewriter keyboard. I taught myself to type by sitting in a chair and visualizing over and over again that I could type. I put a program into my biocomputer, and that was the track that I ran on. Earlier on I was talking about intuitively successful people – they put success programs into their biocomputers without even realizing what they were doing.

They always have a good picture of where they are going in life. They relax and visualize the future as they desire it. They do that intuitively and by doing it they put programs into their biocomputers that become tracks that they run on, automatically. History is full of people who reached wonderful heights of achievement and then for one reason or another have failed. A lot of these people have never been able to get to the top again because they didn’t realize what they were doing in the first place to accomplish the successes that they found so readily. These people really had lost their vision!

The most important thing, is that we do know, what it is, that will take you to success beyond your wildest possible dreams. We know that before the reality takes place you have to have the program in your biocomputer to allow the reality to happen. We can put any programs we need into our biocomputers to achieve the goals we have set for ourselves. We can insert any program we desire into our biocomputer in many ways other than doing the real thing.

All have the same result in the fact they give us a permanent and automatic track to run on. The input will provide the output. We can visualize ourselves being successful salesmen, or being millionaires, or owning Rolls Royce’s. We can role play various success scenarios that we would like to happen, thereby creating a program in our biocomputers which will give us a permanent track to run on. Not only can we do these things but it is imperative that we do so.

I would go one step further. Until you do visualize the things you want to happen you are doomed to fail. You are doomed to mediocrity. You are doomed to poverty. Many people think that the most important thing that Neil Armstrong said when he landed on the moon was, “A giant step for mankind.” I think the most important thing he said when he landed on the moon, was, “Just like it was in practice!” You see a lot of people don’t realize he practiced that maneuver right here, down on the ground, thousands of times, before he ever did it on the surface of the moon. What he was doing of course was implanting the program into his biocomputer before the event actually took place.

Before I do a seminar, I always visualize the complete scenario before the real performance. I put the biocomputer program in before the event takes place. Before I travel off to a foreign country, I visualize it before I even leave my own living room. I insert a program into my biocomputer before the plane takes off. Before I enter into a business deal I visualize it, in advance. I give myself a permanent track to run on. The outcome is what I want it to be, because of the way I programmed my biocomputer. Input equals output, lest you forget!

At my biocomputer seminars I have my audience in fits of laughter. I say, “Do you think they send 747 pilots up into the skies learning how to fly: Do you think they send them up with learner plates on?” The answer is, “Of course they don’t!” 747 pilots are trained down on the ground, in massive simulators. The pilots play pretend flying in these simulators for hundreds of hours, practicing all the things that can go wrong. He practices take-offs and landings, over and over again. He builds up a permanent program in his biocomputer and that provides a track for him to run on. Only when he has a complete program in his biocomputer is he allowed to take a real 747 up into the sky, without learner plates on!

I, personally, have a vast amount of skills that I like to use. Skills like public speaking, fire-walking, welding, driving fast, typing, writing and many other skills that I have taught myself through the art and practice of visualization. By putting those programs into my biocomputer, just by visualizing the fact that I could do it, enabled me to carry out those tasks in reality. It’s important for you to make a note of the formula. The human biocomputer cannot tell the difference between a real experience and a vividly imagined experience.

By visualizing over and over again, that you are a success, that you are a millionaire, a super salesperson or a successful public speaker, (Before I ever became a public speaker I used to practice in my living room, in front of thirty empty chairs, over and over again, I gave those chairs the complete works, jokes and all!) you put the programs into the biocomputer, that in your real life, you will run on automatically.

Alfred Hitchcock was once asked if he enjoyed making movies. He replied that he hated it. The reason why he hated it was simple: it was because he had already run the film over and over again in his imagination before he made the actual film.

Steven Spielberg does the same thing for his epic films. He has a card in front of him for every stage of the film. He knows what each part of the movie looks like before the filming actually begins. Irvin Feld who was in charge of Ringling Bros and Barnum and Bailey Circus once commented, “You know the most amazing thing about my dreams is that they all came totally true!” You should begin to see a pattern unfold. You should be ‘seeing’ yourself over and over again, as a millionaire or as an Amway Diamond or as a Direct Distributor or as a first-class salesperson or as whatever it is you personally want to be or want out of life.


The idea behind visualization is simple: you create ganglia, which is a chain of neurons that have linked together. These are full of electro-chemicals. When you have sufficient information in the neurons that is a complete program for your biocomputer, which in turn, is a permanent track for you to run on. The input will equal the output.

Once you have a complete program in your biocomputer you will start getting beneficial output. That output will first appear in the form of correct habits. The second type of output will appear in the form of Eurekas! and hunches and guidance. The third type of output will be described in detail in a subsequent chapter, this is the output that will get you beyond the point where you usually fail. The high achiever will use his imaginative faculty to take him to the top. Once he’s discovered it, he will never stop using it because it is such a tremendous tool. The underachiever will use the same faculty to create three dimensional excuses.

I want to make a profound statement: I have occasionally met the odd editor who comes across my work and says it’s too repetitive. Once in a blue moon I come across a reader who says it’s too repetitive. However, I never come across a single one of my biocomputer students who says my material is too repetitive. I’ll tell you why. Most people have read self-help books that go heavily into visualization in one form or another. Most readers of these books have failed to take it on board and go away failing to actually put visualization into practice.

The reason why they failed to do it was the author failed to bring the point home strongly enough about why visualization was so important and what it actually accomplished. If you think what you have learnt so far is repetitive you are making a grave mistake. This is exactly how the biocomputer operates and you won’t be surprised when I tell you this instruction manual has to be read many, many times, possibly hundreds of times before a program will be inserted into your biocomputer. Reading it once will have no effect whatsoever.

Let’s come back to the little Chinese boy learning Chinese. If he had heard that language just once, would that have created a program in his biocomputer? It most certainly would not! So not only am I going to ask you to read this instruction manual over and over again and not stop, but I am also going to instruct you to read it aloud onto an audio cassette tape and play the whole thing over and over and over again while you are driving your auto. Further I am going to instruct you to actually take time out, at least twice a day, to vividly imagine the things that you want to happen in your life. Once you have taken all this on board you can tell me you know a little about the subject of repetition. Until then, you’re just going through the motions!



USA: John, “I live over at Huntington Beach and I want to share a story with you about Howard Hughes. After the war Hughes had a massive aircraft factory that was lying idle. The overheads were colossal and all of his aides advised him to close the place up and sell it out. Hughes ignored them and he eventually won a multi-million dollar contract to build civilian airplanes. Now coming to the second part of the story, he built the Spruce Goose, the largest airplane in the world. But it never flew. In actual fact it flew only one mile and that was with Hughes at the controls himself. He ‘saw’ the contract for the planes coming in, but he couldn’t ‘see’ the Spruce-Goose ever flying. It’s still at Long Beach now, you should check it out!”

England: Gary, “Before I bought my house I used to go every night and sit outside in my car, looking at it. One night I was visualizing what improvements I’d make and I ‘saw’ in my imagination a way of adding an additional two bedrooms and giving the property the look of a hacienda. This I did when I bought the house, and I have increased its value by over thirty grand. I have now started to look around for other properties.”

Australia: Marcia, “I used to stand for hours on end looking at the red Porsches in the showroom in Melbourne, where I come from. One day a voice popped into my head and showed me the way I could afford to buy one.”

England: Martin, “Years ago well before I could afford a brand new car I decided to build a garage at home for it. I didn’t have the money for the car, but I built the garage anyway. All the time I was building the garage I could’ see’ the new car in my imagination. The day I finished the garage I had enough money to buy the car with. I paid cash for it. A brand new Volkswagen. I didn’t even realize what I was doing.”

Singapore: Sing, “I know what you mean about thinking in pictures. If you had a television set with just the words playing it wouldn’t be operating at fifty percent efficiency it would only be operating at maybe one percent. However when you switch the pictures on as well, that’s when things really begin to happen.”

USA: Kathy, “I lost over thirty pounds in weight and didn’t put it back on either. I cut out the picture of a model and stuck my face over hers so I could actually ‘see’ what I looked like. I placed this on the refrigerator door. It worked for me.”

Ireland: Joel, “I had heard before that the mind cannot tell the difference between a real experience and a vividly imagined experience but it never registered. You have explained it in such detail that only a fool would miss the vast potential you have just handed him on a plate. That’s the difference between a good public speaker and a brilliant one!”

Singapore: Peter, “I can see why so many people have had ‘to rely on faith, faith in God, faith in things unseen, faith in a higher power, it’s because they never understood the principles. If you can understand why it’s so important to visualize things before they happen, faith doesn’t come into it.”

USA: Helen, “What you have shown us are some very powerful living skills, I wish they had been taught to us when we were children.”



  1. The greatest ‘secret of success’ is that the human biocomputer cannot tell the difference between a real experience and a vividly imagined experience.
  2. We can insert any programs we want into our biocomputer simply by visualizing whatever it is that we want to achieve.
  3. We know that to achieve success we must have the program in the biocomputer before the event.
  4. Successful people visualize things happening in their biocomputers, before they happen in real life.
  5. You can insert programs into your biocomputer in three different ways. You practice the actual thing you want to accomplish. You can role play or simulate the event, or you can vividly imagine it happening.
  6. If the racing car driver or downhill skier slips into ‘thinking mode’ he crashes. On race day he runs on his biocomputer automatically and without thinking. Business people should program in advance as well.

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