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The content of the one hundred billion cells account for the many software programs that we have in our biocomputers. There are many ways that we can get programs inserted into our biocomputers and I think it is necessary to explain in detail how many of these programs arrive. As far as goal achievement is concerned we are all born with a blank slate. We are born with an overabundance of hardware, just waiting for programs to come along.

Any programs, not enough programs, negative programs, programs from well-meaning family and friends, programs from people who just haven’t got a clue about how much damage they can do, just by being around you. That’s the problem. If you don’t take great pains to insert correct programs, you will end up with whatever other people decide to program you with.

There is a classic story in many psychology books about a young boy who was found on a farm in France, before the second world-war. The boy was thought to be about twelve years old. He was caged up with the chickens. His finger nails had grown long and curved and he used to get up at dawn and squawk with the rest of the chickens. He was filthy dirty. Of course he could not speak a single word; the only sounds he made were clucking noises like those of the other chickens. To all intents and purposes he had been programmed like a chicken. It took many years of training and teaching before this boy could walk or talk or do anything useful.

I recall years ago, a friend of mind called me in to a school in Brixton, England, to meet a five year old child who could hardly Talk & because of that had great difficulty relating to her school buddies. (I used to have a bank account in Brixton. I’d be making my deposits at one counter while invariably there would be someone else making a withdrawal at another counter – with a sawn-off shotgun!) After a while I told my friend that I wanted a meeting with the child’s parents. I was informed that the child was from a one parent family.

reprogram your subconscious mind

In due course I met the child’s mother. On questioning the child’s mother I very quickly learnt that the mother had not bothered to talk to the child in its first five years of upbringing. The mother had been waiting for the child to start talking to her! This is just a case of an ignorant woman not realizing that she had to constantly talk to her baby and implant a program into the baby’s biocomputer. Once the program had been there, the baby would have started to talk.

All computers rapidly perform complex calculations, but in order to do so they must have programs. Computers all operate on an input equals output basis, the human biocomputer is no different.
I am not laboring the point when I detail out some more of the software programs that we may or may not have. Once you realize that we all have many programs and that for every function we carry out we must have an appropriate program in place. Once you take this on board, it will turn out to be one of your big breakthroughs, a real turning point in your life.

Incidentally, the output of a conventional computer will either come up on a screen (VDU) or will be printed out on paper, once the calculations or processing has been done. The output of the human biocomputer is in the form of all the habits that we have. Practically everything we do is a result of habit, and a result of what we had programmed into our biocomputers. The other output of the human biocomputer will be in the form of Eurekas! which are hunches and guidance. The more correctly you program your biocomputer the more delighted you will be with your output. Never forget, input equals output!

If you were born in France and heard French voices around you all the time, while you were growing up, you would end up speaking French. If I you were born in Germany and heard German voices, every day, day in and day out, you would end up speaking German. If you were born in the USA or Britain or Australia, and heard English voices when you were growing up, by hook or by crook, you’d have ended up speaking English. Input equals output.

One of the amazing features about the biocomputer is that it has this massive overabundance of hardware. Children who have been brought up in multi-lingual families have no problem at all learning two, three or even four languages at the same time and manage, seemingly quite easily, to separate them and use the appropriate language at the correct time.

I love to ask my biocomputer audiences, “How many of you can speak Chinese?” No one puts up their hand. “OK, How many of you think Chinese is difficult?” All the hands go up. Everyone thinks that Chinese is difficult. I always make my students laugh when I tell them, “Chinese isn’t difficult, there are over a billion people in China, and all of them speak Chinese, no problem at all!”
You see it’s that repetition, repetition, repetition, that puts even the most complex program into the human biocomputer.

A little Chinese boy, hearing the Chinese language over and over again, day in and day out is going to get that program into his biocomputer whether he likes it or not. (Make a note of the little Chinese boy, he’s a mate of mine and I’ll be talking about him quite a lot!)

It is essential that you realize the neurons in the brain are just waiting for appropriate programs to be inserted. For every learning experience you go through, individual cells will link together and form a neuron chain. A neuron chain is called ganglia. I call these ganglia biocomputer programs.

Let’s take a look at how we create a ganglion, a neuron chain, a biocomputer program, for the relatively simple task of driving an auto. You have your first driving lesson and you start to implant the necessary information into the neurons in your biocomputer. You have a second lesson, maybe a week after the first lesson. You learn more of the skills of driving an auto. You have started to form a neuron chain, a ganglia, a biocomputer program. The information of learning how to drive is stored in the individual cells in the electro chemicals.

The following week you have another lesson, the neuron chain is forming, the biocomputer program is taking shape. The individual neurons all join up and link together as they recognize their brothers and sisters and aunts and uncles. (Professor Roger Sperry says “neurons acquire individual identification tags, molecular in nature.”) In other words neurons can recognize other neurons that have similar knowledge in them, although this may come into the biocomputer over a period of time. (When you were at school, you had weekly lessons on a number of various subjects, but the information always linked up with any other information that you had on the subject.)

Next week you have yet another lesson and now the biocomputer program is really taking shape. All the individual neurons link up with one another and form a ganglion. By the time you have had, say, ten or fifteen lessons, you have sufficient knowledge in the neurons to allow you to drive competently. In other words you have a complete biocomputer program that allows you to carry out the task of driving proficiently.

The more driving you do, the more practice you get, the better the biocomputer program and the better your driving will become. You are now ready to take your test. If you fail your test, it simply means that you didn’t have a long enough ganglia (biocomputer program) to enable you to carry out the task proficiently. You can overcome this simply by adding to your store of knowledge, by taking more driving lessons and increasing the amount of information that you have in your biocomputer.

Another amazing fact about complete biocomputer programs is once you have impregnated those electro chemicals with a sufficient program, you never have to think about that program again. You run on that track automatically. Even the most sophisticated programs, once inserted correctly, you run on them without even thinking about them.

I have driven from one side of London to the other in peak hour traffic and suddenly arrived at my destination and found myself wondering how I got there. For a single moment I had never thought consciously about anyone of the hundreds of gear I changes I must have made or how hard to depress the gas or brake pedal. I never thought once of the thousand death defying maneuvers that one makes in an hours’ trip across London in the rush hour. It is important for you to realize once you have programs, even very sophisticated programs, like driving or Chinese, in the biocomputer, you run on the track automatically without ever having to think about them.

When you wake up in the morning you don’t have to think whether you should speak Chinese or French or German. You have a program in the biocomputer and you run on it automatically. Without any thought about what to do, or how to do it, you start speaking English.

I recall, when I was a child, for many hours, I had to practice, by rote, the mathematical tables. I can now recall that ten eights are eighty and seven sevens are forty nine and six threes are eighteen without even thinking about it. The program is well and truly in the biocomputer. I have an automatic track to run on.

It’s important to realize how we come to gain so many of the programs that we have inserted into our biocomputers. It is equally important to realize that once we have impregnated the electro chemicals in the neurons and formed a substantial biocomputer program, we will run on that track whether we want to or not, whether we like it or not. It is completely automatic. Many of the programs that you have in your biocomputer will simply be there as a result of the environment where you were brought up as a child.

For arguments sake, you have already seen, that your program will be English. Conversely speaking, if you were born in India the chances are that you were brought up under the Hindu faith and if you were born in Israel you were brought up under the Jewish faith. My point here is not to say which is right or wrong, but merely to point out how we get certain programs inserted into our biocomputers.

Many programs arrive in our biocomputers as a result of our parents, our environments, our educations, our religious backgrounds, our friends and later in life, if we care to exercise the control over the input into our biocomputers, ourselves. A frightening fact is that many folk go through their entire lives with only the programs their parents and upbringing have inserted into their biocomputers. Then they try to run happy and successful lives with quite the inappropriate programs in their biocomputers and go through life being totally disappointed and unsatisfied and in many cases miserable and unhappy.

In other words they have been very ill equipped for the tasks that they have set for themselves. Many people just exist on the programs they had inserted during their formative years, never adding any biocomputer programs by further self-education, reading, study, travel, seminars, goals, repetition, nothing. Many of my students wonder why they go through life struggling and barely surviving. This program that you are now getting into is the end of survival and the beginning of living! I guarantee it!

You will of course realize that not all of the programs we have in our biocomputers are good, beneficial or even true. Many of them are there due to other peoples beliefs. We quite possibly have programs that are actually counter-productive to the goals that we have set for ourselves, as we have started to observe the world around us and started to select for ourselves a few of life’s goodies and luxuries that we desire.

Once you have got the idea that biocomputer programs are very deep seated and that you run on these programs automatically, you will immediately see why you have had such a hard job actually attaining those goodies and luxuries that you have selected for yourself. Indeed, life may have been tough on you. You may have wondered if you really do have a self-destruct program or a subconscious death wish program or a business destruct mode.

Many of us have powerful self-defeating programs that have cropped up time and time again in our lives, many times to rob us of victory and spoils just as they come into sight. Lots of businessmen start-up businesses and have them collapse after three years. Others start relationships to have these break down after five years. Some men and women are always short of money, I mean always! If the foregoing applies to you don’t worry, join the club! You’re lucky to be alive. Many people have such negative programs in their biocomputers that they really do commit suicide.

Subconscious suicide is far more prevalent than you realize, so is subconscious sabotage of one’s own business dealings and personal relationships. So much so, I have dedicated a complete chapter to failure programs. I consider these to be just as important as success programs. At least, it is important that you recognize your failure programs. It helps to recognize them in order to be able to counteract them’ and insert the appropriate success programs that will overcome the negativity and allow you to reach your goal.

Later on we will be looking at overcoming even the most negative programs, and very quickly too! In the meantime, however, we must delve deeper into programs that exist in our biocomputers. Let’s take a simple situation that happens all the time. A young lad is in his father’s hobby shop and he’s playing around with some saws, hammers and nails. The father enthuses the lad along and encourages him to bang nails in and saw a plank of wood.

Although the young lad does not have the skill in his hands, he is encouraged, and the next time in the hobby shop he does a little more. Over a period of years, with his father’s constant encouragement, he turns into a self-reliant young man who goes out into the big wide world full of confidence and courage and brimming over with self-esteem. The program inserted into this lad’s biocomputer was one of self-reliance, confidence, a go-for-it attitude, encouraged by his father. Input equals output.

Let’s take a similar scenario, again in the father’s hobby shop, a young boy is playing around with some tools and some nails. This time the father clips the youngster around the ear and screams at the top of his angry voice “Stop messing around and getting under my feet, you’ll never be any good at anything.” You can easily see the negative program being inserted into this child’s biocomputer. This young lad will go through life with an inferiority complex. Once again the input will express itself in output.

Here I want you to take a few notes. The first one we have already mentioned, but no harm will come by hammering the point home, in actual fact that is the exact way in which the biocomputer takes on board a program. So the first point: Input equals output. The second point, is that we should all reflect on our upbringings, our environments, our teachings and our backgrounds to see what negative programs have been inserted into our biocomputers during our formative years. The third point, and I’ll go into much greater detail at a later stage, is the case where the youngster was chastised.

Don’t be misled into thinking that if his father only did this once, the child would not get a permanent program in his biocomputer. I deliberately pointed out that the father screamed at the child. If the father was emotional and angry and the child was emotional at the same time, it is highly likely that the child took this program on board, hearing it just once! More on this later, but make a note right now, that the way to reprogram the biocomputer very quickly is not just through repetition but by adding emotion. Emotion is the key to reprogramming the biocomputer quickly!

It is extremely important for you to realize just how deeply ingrained these programs are. Once the program is in the electro chemicals in the neurons you will run on that track whether you like it or not. Probe now and over a period of time. Who programmed you and with what? Were you ever a recipient of any of the following negative programs?  

Perhaps you can recall, what was inserted into your own biocomputer. “You’ll never be as good as your sister /brother” or “You’ll never amount to anything” or “You never start anything you finish” or what about this one, “You’ll end up in jail!” maybe you had the “You’re a brat” or the “You’re useless!” treatment.

Have a look at your programs right now and as we develop, take more and more notes. Probe deeply because what has been holding you back, is still a very part of you, deeply imbedded in electro chemicals of the neurons that make up your biocomputer programs.

Some programs can be very complicated and disturbing as L. Kubie discovered in a patient’s biocomputer, “Mother has abandoned baby, run to Daddy; Daddy beats me and leaves; Mommy comforts me and leaves; Daddy loves me and hurts me and leaves; Run to Mommy.  Mommy has my sister, loves her, abandons me: run to Daddy; Daddy hurts. Daddy leaves. Run to Mommy. Mommy has my sister, loves her, abandons me: run to Daddy; Daddy hurts. Daddy leaves. Run to Mommy. Mommy leaves… Mother has abandoned baby”, etc. etc. etc. This was a program the patient carried into adulthood.

By now you should be seeing a clear pattern emerge. You should see, by now, that for everything that we do, we must have an appropriate program in our biocomputer. You will realize that if you can drive it’s because you have an ‘I can drive’ program in your biocomputer. If you can speak French, it’s only because you created that ‘I can speak French’ neuron chain, slowly but surely, until it formed into a complete ganglia, which is a program in your biocomputer. If you can’t drive or can’t speak French it is solely because you don’t have the appropriate programs in your biocomputer.

If you can weld or sew or repair auto engines it is solely because you have those programs in your biocomputer. You have seen there are many ways we can get programs inserted into our biocomputers. Many have been inserted by our parents, our teachers and our friends. As we were growing up the culture and environment automatically inserted programs into our biocomputers. These are extremely powerful programs that have impregnated the electro chemicals in the neurons and are tracks we run on automatically.

Whether the programs that you have had inserted into your biocomputer are desirable or even I compatible with the goals you have set yourself remains to be seen. If you have had difficulty reaching your goals and I suspect that you have, maybe the programs that you have in your biocomputer are working in direct opposition to yourself.

You can probe deeper and deeper and have a look at some more of the programs that may have been unwittingly inserted into your biocomputer. Did your parents tell you, “Don’t make money your god!” did they often say, “we haven’t got two pennies to rub together” or, “I don’t know how we’re going to make ends meet!” maybe they said, “I can’t cope” or, “I wish I was dead!” yes, you’d be surprised what parents say over and over again in front of their children.

You may have witnessed your parents argue all the time. You may have seen your parents’ relationship break down. You may have (and more likely have, than have not) witnessed all sorts of things that have become part of your own biocomputer programs.  Now is the time to become aware. Look inward. Look to the past. Look at your programs.

The programs that you have in your biocomputer control everything that you do. Ninety nine point nine percent of what you do is governed by habit, which is the end result of your biocomputer input. As a child were you encouraged to be punctual, successful, pleasant, respectful, industrious, creative, useful, a fighter, a winner, or were you brought up in an environment where loosing, tardiness, laziness, scrimping and scraping was just a way of life? Any old input will beget any old output. Maybe now you are beginning to realize why you may have experienced difficulties in accomplishing even the simplest goals.

The problem that we face is because our biocomputer output is habit, we very rarely give any serious thought to the power that controls us. Very rarely when we fail to close a deal do we put it down to a biocomputer program, but it is. Many times you have gone to ask that special girl out for a date but changed your mind at the last moment that, too, was due to being controlled by a biocomputer program. How many times have you put off things until tomorrow that should have been done last week? And just how many times do we need to fail in business before we become a success?

These things are governed by one thing and one thing only, our biocomputer programs that produce habits that have become so subtle and insidious, we never even notice them.
One of the things that I have noticed as I have travelled across the world is that there is a vast difference in individuals’ biocomputer programs. That’s what makes us all different. You are, literally, what you have in your biocomputer programs.

Although there are vast differences in our personal programs, on the whole I noticed that there was a huge amount of negativity around that was ending up as programs in various biocomputers. That’s perhaps why historically there are more failures than successes. All this has to change; we really do live in a high-tech society where we know that input equals output.

The time has come for us to insert programs into our biocomputers that will take us to the goals we have set for ourselves regardless of the programming that we may or may not have received during our formative years. We will insert programs that will take you to the pinnacle of success, to the top of the highest mountain, or whatever you have set your sights on. But even more important, we will insert programs that will give you sustained success, programs that will keep you moving onward and upward – forever!

Live at the Biocomputer Seminar:

USA: Barry, “One thing that I’ve come to grips with this weekend is the vast range of programs that I have been trying to run on are just no good at all for the job that I’m trying to do. No wonder I feel as though everything I do is hard work. At times I feel as though I’m hitting my head against a brick wall. I can quite easily see that by inserting the correct programs for the job I will literally be pulled toward my goal.”

USA: Patricia, “I have to confess that I’d never considered all our knowledge to be software. Now I have come to grips with it I can see the implications are vast. I shall be making sure I analyze myself to see what negative programs have been inserted into me since childhood and I shall be taking great pains to insert programs of my choice, starting from tomorrow. I consider that I have made a quantum leap this weekend, I forget when I was last so excited about something!”

USA: Marvin, “I’m almost ashamed to admit it, but I have not inserted any new programs into my biocomputer since I passed my driving test about fifteen years ago. I have been running on the same old programs. I didn’t know that you could change them.”

Australia: Pat, “I have really got the message that everything I do is a habit. I smoke as a result of habit. I’m always late as a result of habit. I only earn enough money as a result of habit. I go for a drink every Friday night as a matter of habit. What I didn’t realize is those habits are programs in my biocomputer and that they can be changed. That throws a whole new light on things. I think I’ll get me a wife!”

Singapore: Nelson, “It never dawned on me that your habits are completely governed by your programs. Just a simple one I remember was, ‘wash your hands after going to the bathroom.’ My parents must have told me that hundreds of times. Now I do it automatically, I even tell my children the same thing. The potential for telling yourself to do various things is huge.”

USA: Jenny, “To see that people from different countries speak different languages is a beautiful way to explain to people input equals output, I wonder why no one has ever thought of it before!”

USA: Rose, “I joined my company last spring and there was a trip to Canada for top sales persons. I programmed and I got the trip. That was the first time I have ever really wanted something and actually got it.”

USA: Harry, “I have never taken the trouble to look at my programs in the past. For all I know I may have been walking around like an automaton with someone else’s programs in.”

England: Chris, “You’re either a success or a failure all according to the programs you insert in your biocomputer.”

England: Richard, “I never equated learning with installing biocomputer programs.”

USA: Marty, “I must have told myself I’m fat a million times.. No more.”

Poland: Michael, “You are what you are because of your biocomputer programs.”

USA: Neil, “I didn’t know that once you have a program in the biocomputer you run on it automatically.”

USA: Boyd, “It comes as a shock to the system that everything we do is just a habit. And that those habits are biocomputer programs that can be changed.”

USA: Dudley, “I didn’t realize that the words we use over and over again in our heads could have such a strong influence over our lives.”

USA: Scott, “Because I have an inferiority complex I always sell myself short. I always end up with fat women and no money.”

England: Dez, “All my programs are working against each other.”

England: Graham, “I’ve been telling myself for years that I can’t speak French. Now I know it’s just a program, I’m going to start learning it immediately.”

USA: Allen, “The thing that has frightened me is that I haven’t bothered to put any new programs in.”

USA: Alex, “I’ve been telling myself I can’t travel for years. Now I know I can.”

USA: Bill, “Most of my programming has been negative self-talk from within.”

Zoom Secrets!

  1. The individual neurons contain electro-chemicals that contain the information in your biocomputer programs.
  2. Many of the programs that we have were inadvertently inserted by our parents, our environment and our teachers.
  3. Many of the programs we have, work in exact opposition to the goals we have set ourselves.
  4. Whatever you program into your biocomputer will become output.
  5. Many people try to run happy and successful lives with the programs they had inserted in their formative years, although these may have no bearing whatsoever on the goals that they are trying to accomplish.
  6. The output of the human biocomputer comes in the form of our habits.
  7. Properly programmed we will also receive output in the way of hunches and inspiration, Eurekas!
  8. With the proper programs in place, we will also be able to go beyond the point where we usually fail.

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